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Commercial Flat Roof

Whether you’re rehabbing an existing commercial flat roof or coating a new metal roof, we have a roof system to meet your needs. Our spray polyurethane foam roofing system and premium coatings provide seamless insulation, waterproofing, and are fully adhered to the substrate. This eliminates common sources of leaks and pooling water beneath the roofing material. Characterized by high physical properties, our coatings are tough enough to withstand years of abuse by sun and weather.  We have completed numerous projects on all types of commercial buildings including:

  • Churches

  • Shopping Centers

  • Office Buildings

  • Stand Alone Shops

  • Government Facilities

  • Schools

  • Metal Buildings

  • Car Dealerships

  • Industrial Parks

  • Warehouses

  • And Many More!

Our commercial flat roof systems can be easily applied to most existing roofing systems such as, aged asphalt, TPO, built up, torch down, concrete, metal, modified bitumen, gravel, and most coating systems.


The steps taken to provide you with a leak free commercial flat roof vary on what type of roof system you currently have.  Our first step, regardless of what your present roof is, would be to thoroughly clean its surface.  We achieve this through the use of high power pressure washers and power brooms.  The second step we can take is to then apply our sprayed polyurethane foam roofing system that fully adheres to the roof surface.  Not all roofs require foam, it is completely at the discretion of the owner of the property as to whether or not foam is applied.  However, our foam roofing system is highly recommended as it adds stability to the roof and structure, and also provides excellent insulation benefits.  If SPF foam roofing is not necessary or desired, then we would prime the roof to enhance adhesion of one of the coatings systems that we use.  Thirdly, the roof is then coated with one of our premium silicone coatings.  The silicone coatings that we use are excellent for battling the elements that are introduced to roofs here in the South.  Our coatings reflect up to 92% of the sun's UV rays which results in your roof staying cooler and your A/C unit running less.  We offer labor and materials warranties.

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